Everything You Wanted To Know About GTA IV

Got questions about Grand Theft Auto IV? We've maybe got some of the answers! In an effort to address some of the frequently asked questions about the game, its two console versions and the particular quirks of each, we're compiling a handy reference guide which we hope you find informative. If your question isn't answered, ask in the comments and we'll hunt down an answer for you. On with the questions...

How's the game? Any good?
Yes, yes it is. Check out our GTA IV review. It's spoiler-free and almost totally free of "teh biases"!

Should I get the PlayStation or Xbox 360 version?
That's up to you. They're nearly identical and it's hard to go wrong with either version. We found the feature set to be better on the 360, but the PS3 holds up a bit better technically. Check out our PS3 versus 360 GTA IV comparison piece.

Is there split screen multiplayer? What about local multiplayer via LAN?
No, multiplayer for both systems is only online.

Whats the deal with the PS3 hard drive install?
Installation is mandatory and kicks off when you insert the disc for the first time. We timed the 3.4 GB install at 7 minutes and 20 seconds.

Does the Xbox 360 have a hard drive installation?
No. There is no required installation, nor is there an optional one.

Can I remap the controls? Is there a control option for lefties?
Controls can't be remapped, but you can choose between Standard and Classic modes. Switching between the two will switch shoulder buttons for aiming and firing, among other changes. There is no special consideration for left handed players.

Is there an option for custom soundtracks?
No, the game's radio stations will have to suffice. Xbox 360 owners can still stream music from their hard drive or an iPod, but music played via the Xbox 360 Guide will continue to play over cell phone calls and cut scenes. If you're just going out for a stroll in GTA IV, it's still an option.

How's the online performance?
Solid. We played for a pretty long, 16-player session before release via Xbox Live and were impressed. Microsoft says it's ramping up in anticipation of the release, adding hardware and hoping for smooth sailing. We have yet to go online with the PlayStation 3 version. Sony and Gamespy declined to comment about the status of the PlayStation Network.

How many players does the online mode support?
Up to sixteen players, depending on the game type.

Can I have sex with prostitutes?
In the game? Yes!

Have a question we didn't answer? Leave it in the comments starting with a big, annoying all caps "QUESTION!" and we'll do our best to find an answer.



    Why is the PS3 Version Technically better?

    e.g. draw distance load times... rar rar rar

    Your not helping anyone with both consoles.... what do I choose.

    You basically said one is red the other is blue

    Thanks for nothing.


    Has anyone tested the NTSC version in a PAL 360? My pre-order ships from amazon tomorrow and I gotta know if I'm buying a dud or not.

    What exactly is rumoured to be missing from the censored Australian version?

    @musky - There was a piece on Kotaku last week about this (I forget which day), Rockstar sent out an email stating that the game WOULD be region locked - PS3 included. This is, of course, a bummer for all of us in NZ/AUS. Sorry dude.
    Question Time - Any idea when R* are going to disclose what was cut from our version? (I know they gave us a vague 'after its release').


    If I import the US version, for multi player will I connect to local servers or US servers?

    So the having sex with hookers? Is that in the aus version?

    @Pax - I know they have stated that, but if I have learned anything from owning a blu-ray player, its that what companies say their region coding is, isn't always true!

    Australian vs International release... What have they taken out? C'mon... The wait's killing me.

    I need to know! As does every Australian/NZ fan of the series.

    can i play online with xbox 360 users if i own a ps3?

    Videogames Plus is reporting that the 360 version is *not* region free:


    I am very annoyed by this. I wont be getting GTA IV any time soon (mostly on principle, the local publisher is price gouging Australian gamers. The cuts are secondary, but another 'principle' factor).

    I may get a copy eventually, but right now I wish I had a PS3 as well.


    How many safe houses are there in the GTA 4?
    Can they hold or save the rare cars you find, like in the GTA SA?

    which option in multiplayer gives you the helicopters and boats etc and a home base. Ive tried free mode but there are no helicopters ? I Did it once before and got Helicopters and boats etc but cant remember how i got there ? please help

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