Explore The History Of Panzer Dragoon

The Panzer Dragoon series is one of Sega's most successful yet most under-utilised, and in a way I am glad. While Sega's flagship sonic the Hedgehog series has been nearly beaten to death by their own hands, Panzer Dragoon remains pristine and pure. From its early days on the Saturn to the Xbox masterpiece Panzer Dragoon Orta, the series has been handled with great care, and while part of me desperately wishes for a remake of the excellent Panzer Dragoon Saga, another part of me appreciates the fact that the fond memories I have of the original remain unsullied by what could very well wind up a sub-par revisitation, especially after what they did with NiGHTs. No, I am perfectly happy to reminisce about the series with articles like Gamasutra's latest, The History of Panzer Dragoon, a excellent overview of the series from start to possible final end.

The History of Panzer Dragoon [Gamasutra]


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