'Fanboys' Writer Sells 'Thundercade'

Ernest Cline, the writer of the on again, off again movie 'Fanboys', has just sold the script for a new comedy film to Lakeshore Entertainment, and the topic hits pretty close to home. 'Thundercade' follows the story of a video game junkie in his mid-30's who learns that a young gamer has beaten a record he set when he was a teenager, who then travels with his friends to the world's largest gaming championship, Thundercade, to restore his former glory. If they don't get Fred Savage for this movie, I will cry.

"I fell in love with the idea of pitting older 'classic arcade era' gamers from the '80s against teenagers — the Atari 2600 generation vs. the Xbox 360 generation," Cline said.

Cline is a gamer himself, who got the idea for the film when his nephew trash-talked him over Xbox Live. DAMMIT! I knew I should have written a movie script! 'Thundercade' is being fast-tracked by Lakeshore, so hopefully it'll have more luck seeing the light of day than 'Fanboys' has.

'Fanboys' scribe's 'Thundercade' gets pickup [The Hollywood Reporter]


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