Fantasy Zone Arrives On Wii VC

Another Sega Master System title makes its way onto the Wii Virtual Console this week as Sega finally graces us with Fantasy Zone (500 Points). Pilot the famous Opa-Opa around insanely bright and colorful levels, taking out bases to lure out stage bosses and progress through the game's various levels, upgrading your weapons as you go. This is one of those must-buy VC titles I tell you about all-too rarely. Joining Fantasy Zone this week is Mega Turrican for the Sega Genesis (800 Points), not to be confused with Super Turrican, the Super Nintendo game that got its own lonely release back in March. Vowing never to make a Turrican sad again, Nintendo saw fit to combine this platforming shooter with Fantasy Zone, and they all lived happily ever after.



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