Fatal Intertia EX, Xbox 360 Game Becomes PSN Download

Koei's Fatal Intertia didn't revolutionise racing on the Xbox 360 as we know it—in fact, it was received as pretty mediocre. But now the full game—formerly offered as a normal Xbox 360 retail release—will be coming to PSN for download. (Originally, the game had been planned for PS3 but the team had issues during production.) Redubbed Fatal Inertia EX, the game adds eight new training tracks to ease the intense learning curve. Coming in late May for $US29.99, downloadable releases could be an inexpensive method to bring games that potentially underperformed on the 360 to the PS3. Here's hoping we see PSN ganking more full, downloadable titles at budget prices.

Exclusive: 'Fatal Inertia EX' Arrives Via PlayStation Network Next Month [MTV Multiplayer]


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