First Review Of Life, The MMO

Reviewing games has its place, but there's no cast-iron rule that says we always have to review games as though they were games. We could, for example, do more of what MetaFilter poster Razzle Bathbone has done, and look at life (like, real life) as an MMO. And review it.

Players are encouraged to focus on social interaction, which can be engaged in in a variety of ways. In fact it's extraordinarily difficult to solo anything whatsoever in Outside, apart from basic skill and knowledge accumulation quests. One of the major forms of social interaction in the game is based largely around the addition of new players to Outside, and is both complex and, in comparison to the storyline-driven romance quests of, say, Baldur's Gate or Mass Effect, they are immensely difficult.

The Myth of the Media Myth: Games and Non-Gamers [MetaFilter, via Boing-Boing]


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