Five More Ways to Pimp a Controller

Sometimes I pick up my controller, even if I'm not playing any games, and fly it around imagining it's a space fighter. That's about as far as I get with modding these things. But HacknMod has a few fun projects cooler than that, if you don't mind putting your controller, or two, out of service while you get it right. Even if you aren't mechanically inclined, they're cool to look at. The how-tos include:

• Add LEDs to the buttons (but we've already seen that here)
• Rapid-Fire Mod
• Custom Paint Job
• Integrated Messenger Kit (above)
• Tilt Controller

Tilt controller, of course, isn't a pure Wii-style hack, but it is pretty cool (see the movie). Most everyone could get the custom paint job right. Everything else after that requires some serious skill or acceptance of the fact that you will probably ruin one controller before getting it right on another.
5 Ways to Hack your Xbox 360 Controller [Hack N Mod]


    i would rather sony playstation to come up with a seperate controller that is similar to xbox if they fixed the controller ibelieve so many people would buy it, its taking me months and months just to have a 10 % injoyment factor with the 6 axis...

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