Frostmourne For $US 379 Seems Cheap Now

Those of you who railed against the $US 379 price tag for the Epic Weapons official replica of the cursed World of Warcraft sword Frostmourne might want to reconsider after seeing what folks paid for a chance at the first 100 numbered weapons. 1,012 users paid the non-refundable $US 429 entry fee for the Frostmourne auction - that's $US 434,148 - with the top 100 bidders in order receiving swords 1-100. The top bidder? $US 20,700 - over 54 times the price of the sword. Suddenly the prospect of gathering up $US 379 doesn't feel so daunting anymore. Sure, it won't be the official #1 Frostmourne, but I'd trade a giant foam hand and my imagination for $US 20,700 any day of the week. I'll save my money for when they get around to their Simple Dagger replica.

Frostmourne Auction
[Epic Weapons via Blizzplanet]


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