Game "Decorated" Cakes Aren't Game Cakes

This is not a video game cake. Here at Kaketaku, we are constantly getting submissions like this, and quite frankly I am getting sick of it. Any Publix baker can make a plain vanilla sheet cake and paint Mario on top of it with coloured frosting. Hell, I could make a sheet cake and paint my arse on top of it but you wouldn't see it being posted on a sex cake website. Effort, people. You have to build a video game cake. Shape it Mold it. Sure, pixel cupcakes are just tiny frosted cakes, but the come together to form something. Effort was put into composition. If you're going to create a square cake and paint something on top of it you might as well just buy some Betty Crocker and stick the DVD case of your favourite game on top of the frosting. Some of our commenters argue that video game cakes started off as simple frosted sheets, and I agree...but unless you are throwing a retro kitsch party than that shit doesn't fly anymore. Just my two cups of powdered sugar.


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