Gamecakes: Kirby Starring in Robotron: 2084

I swear to God, that's what this looks like. See, Kirby, that pinkish blob in the middle, vaguely phocomelic appendages, with smiling eyes ... and what looks like three members of The Last Family around him. That's a Kirby-Robotron mashup.

Or it's a cake for reader Blue Cheez's birthday, and his friends were too self conscious to provide the Safeway with art samples, so they did the decoration themselves Lifeinthefridge sent the photo of the yummy-looking carrot cake, describing it as a "combination of Olimar & pikmin (Brawl) and Portal," but admitting the visuals didn't go very well.

Either way, I want a slice. But only if it's 100 percent lard icing.

[Thanks to Lifeinthefridge!]


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