Games Can Sell Forever, Says EA

Capcom reckon a game's shelf lifetime can sometimes be measured in days. A view EA don't, predictably, share. See, while Capcom are pushing games to the hardcore, whose interests are fickle and rarely likely to last more than a week, let alone a month, EA can release a game like, oh, The Sims, and sell it non-stop for years. Indeed, they're now aiming past years, and shooting straight for decades, with EA's Jeff Karp saying they're planning on "developing new content" for Spore for the next 10 years. We'll presume he means extra content, and not the game itself, because, you know. It's had long enough. This is getting to be a super-interesting feature on MTV, definitely worth checking out.
EA, Capcom Disagree On Longevity Of Individual Games — 'Spore'-Maker Cites 10 Year Plan [MTV]


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