GAME's Online Store Force-Bundling GTA IV [Update]

We haven't (yet) heard of any bricks-n-mortar retailers force bundling GTA IV. Which is a good thing! Online retailers, however, are a different story. Anyone hoping to pick up a copy of the game's standard edition from the website of European mega-retailer GAME will find they can't. Not unless they also want a Sixaxis. Or a wireless 360 pad. Or a copy of...Devil May Cry 4. Because GAME's online store will only sell you the standard edition if you buy it in one of their "fantastic GTA deals!!!", the cheapest of which is £54.98 (USD$108, for GTA IV & Kane & Lynch) and most expensive being £329.99 (USD$650, for an Elite 360, GTA IV, PGR4 and Rainbow Six Vegas 2). You stay classy, GAME!
Fantastic GTA Deals! [GAME, thanks David!]

UPDATE - Individual listings for the title have since been added to GAME's site, however all are currently listed as "sold out".


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