Gamestop Girl, If You Only Knew

From the Best of Craigslist in Raleigh, N.C., here's an ode to true love that, to non-gamers sounds about like Survivor's "The Search is Over." But this should melt the heart of any girl who has taken controller in hand and crusaded against unrelenting hordes of enemies, wondering if there ever was a boy out there who considered her just as worthy of the fight.

"Oh GameStop Girl, how you make my heart meter skip a beat. If you were being held captive in a mountain fortress by a ruthless mutant mafia gangboss and I had to fight my way through 16 levels of fire-breathing undead ninjas with swords the size of small ponies, I would find a way, even if, after every level, a small man continued to taunt me by saying that you were in another castle. EVEN IF."

There's more at the link. Someone tell me if this guy got the girl. Or, if anyone knows a GameStop clerk at University Mall in Chapel Hill, N.C., forward along. This encounter was from March 11, but it sounds so visceral — well for him anyway — she may remember the guy.

GameStop Girl, I want to kill robotic zombie terrorists with you - m4w [Best of Craigslist]


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