GameStop President Steve Morgan Resigns

GameStop managers today received an email from CEO Dick Fontaine, informing them that President Steve Morgan would be resigning from the company. Morgan was previously Electronic Boutique's President of Stores-North America and President-Electronics Boutique Canada, appointed to the position of GameStop president during the merger in 2005. The following is paraphrased from said official email, the gist being confirmed by several GameStop managers via telephone conversation.

After 7 productive years with GameStop, Steve Morgan has made the decision to reapply his energy and drive outside out GameStop Steve will officially be leaving the company on May 2nd 2008. Steve has stated from the very first day we discussed his position with our merged company that his goal was to head up a company as a CEO. After two and half very successful years as our President he now feels that the time is right to pursue his objective.

Awww Steve. Follow those dreams. No word on who will be replacing Steve, though I'm sure we'll hear more once GameStop officially announces the resignation.


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