Gaming Icons And Their Celebrity Lookalikes

The Alone In The Dark design for Edward "Neo" Carnby got me thinking about video game characters and their famous dopplegangers. For centuries people in the spotlight have influenced our entertainment, and the same goes for video games. Whether intentional or subconsciously, designers have made more than few of their characters resemble personalities from the music we listen to and the movies we watch. Jane Douglas at MSN Tech & Gadgets UK agrees, and has compiled a few samples to illustrate the point, and while some of her pairings (David Bowie and Leon Kennedy?) are questionable at best, you have to admit that Gordon Freeman could pull out a guitar in the middle of Half-Life 2 and belt out Layla and we wouldn't bat an eyelash. Now somebody get Clapton a crow bar!

Separated at birth: gaming lookalikes [MSN UK via Actiontrip]


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