Gaming Leads to Less Tree Climbing, Which Leads to Weak Children

Time for another installment of "Games Are Evil." In today's episode, British tabloid Daily Mail points out they prevent children from falling out of trees, making the "Xbox Generation" weaker than, we assume, the "NES Generation" or the "Atari 2600 Generation". According to recent, hard hitting data:

In 2006/07 - the latest year for which data is available - 1,067 children under 15 needed medical assistance for tree falls. In 1999/00 the figure was 1,823.

Meanwhile, the number of youngsters under 15 admitted to A&E after bed falls in 2006/07 was 2,531, up from 2,226 in 1999/2000.

The figures lend weight to the Government's campaign to get more children away from computer games and into the great outdoors.

Fascinating. Good thing the UK Government isn't spending its time worrying about petty things like unemployment and crime. That'd be a major waste of effort.
Tree Climbing Down [Daily Mail via MCVK][Pic]


    I looked at this and I just couldn't stop laughing.

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