Gears 2 Info Spews Forth Like Blood From A Head Wound

The latest issue of Game Informer isn't quite on news-stands yet, but it is in the hands of subscribers. Said issue has a big feature on Gears of War 2's singleplayer, with all kinds of plot, character and gameplay revelations to be found within, all of which has somehow ended up on the internets.Know, then, that the game's drop-in, drop-out co-op play will let the two players select different difficulty levels. And that there's another vehicle mission, only this time in a tank. And that Clifford Bleszinski says "We have creatures that make the Brumak look like a baby panda bear". And that there's a ton of new characters introduced, with Cole & Baird not with you at the start of the game. Should be enough to get you excited, but hey, if it's not, you could always scrape the pennies together and get a copy of the mag yourself. You cheap bastard.
Game Informer May 2008 Issue [SHOTEH FOCK OP @ NeoGAF]


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