"Gears of War 2 Will Have New Lighting" (Swell)

The Gears of War 2 Cole hype train is in full effect. People are hanging on every Epic word. Even really BORING things like Epic found Tim Sweeney saying "The next Gears of War game will have improved physics features and new lighting and rendering features".

Better physics and new lighting? Holy shit, yes, yes, YES. Sweeney did offer up some more meaty clues as to what's in store for the Unreal Engine 3, and thus quite possibly Gears of War 2. But we're extrapolating! Guessing! About the Unreal Engine 3's future, says Sweeney:

We can do more with networking to get more players in these games and get more complex physics working. Right now we have fairly complex vehicle interactions, but there's a lot more that can be done there. There's even more that can be done with animation—further extending the integration between the physics and the hardcode animation. We have quite an extensive system for that, but there's a lot of game-specific work that can be done for improving human characters and their interactions with the environment

Elsewhere, Sweeney says that Gears 2 won't be in shown in demo form at the upcoming New York Comic-Con. Bummer! But remember kids, he did say better physics and new lighting. That should hold you over.

Epic Talks Gears 2 [Next Generation][Pic]


    Its hard to get excited over minuscule engine improvements on stagnant hardware, but hopefully development on the 360 will teach epic its about the game play and not the pretty graphics.

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