Get Australian GTA IV For $78 At Big W

bigw_gta4.jpgIf you're still looking to pick up Grand Theft Auto IV and don't mind the Australian version, Big W is selling the game for $78. Not convinced, here's the page with tasty confirmation.

Maths not being my strongest subject, I whacked this one into the calculator. It works out to be $41 off the RRP. I'm sure there are other retailers selling it for below what Rockstar's asking, but this is the lowest I've seen.

Big W Entertainment > Grand Theft Auto IV [Big W, thanks Hal]


    Strange. I went in there and they had it for $88. Still cheap, but hey, I missed out on an even better deal!

    Good luck finding it there. Melbourne QV BigW was already sold out by lunchtime, both x-box and ps3 versions. As usual, BigW never seem to get enough stock.

    And you can trade it in at EB before the 5th of May for $110. Do that 3 times and you've got yourself a free copy :D

    Ok we need to document the differences between the cencored and uncensored versions, and get an answer on whether you can play imported copies on australian servers.

    I'm not buying it till i have these infoz!!

    hah Acaila, I might just consider that =D.

    Mudhoney, try bigW in the burbs. QV is mostly pretty busy. I would assume Toys R Us and JB both have it in the 80's.

    Boycott EB till they lower prices.

    I got it cheaper just importing it....go figure

    Australia we are getting ripped off!!!

    I bought GTA for 30ish dollars today at EB. Traded in two old games i didn't play anymore (Orange box and Virtual Tennis 3) got 86 dollars off.

    They also have a "save 20% if you trade towards GTAIV" deal. So either anywhere is fine for buying it.

    Also! With EB, if you trade back by the 6th of may, you get 110 store credit

    Big W is a step in the right direction. They had Guitar Hero 3 (PC) for $93 last time I checked. With the guitar. Hopefully other retailers will start get scared and follow suit, and publishers will make prices more reasonable.

    I've heard several retailers doing several different prices
    jb had $114.98 advertised but its $84 instore
    big w was supposed to be $84 but instore $79
    and I think kmart dropped theirs around to the $80 as well
    Good luck to anyone trying to find a copy anywhere after thursday

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