Ghostbusters Stays True To Ray Parker Jr.

Developer Terminal Reality was at one point pondering having a modern band redo the classic Ghostbusters theme for their upcoming game, lovingly previewed earlier today by our own Flynn De Marco, but as executive producer Brendan Goss would soon realise, people don't react well to blasphemy.

"When we were doing the focus group testing, we asked people how they'd feel about a remix done by a current band. We got booed out of the place," Goss said. "People were really against it, going, 'You can't do that, there's only one song for Ghostbusters!' It was incredible. So we were like, okay, we won't mess with the Ray Parker Jr. song then."

Damn straight you won't. Not only will the Ray Parker Jr. classic be in the game, the developers also got their hands on 75 minutes of orchestral soundtrack not used in the original film, which had their sound man nearly wetting his pants with glee. I shall reserve my bladder dysfunction for when they announce the inclusion of "Cleanin Up The Town" by the Bus Boys.

No theme tune remix for Ghostbusters [Eurogamer]


    Cleaning up the town
    Hot night
    In the name of love
    savin' the day
    I can wait for ever
    Main theme from...

    I say YAY and licence the WHOLE set of original set of tunes.

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