Girlfriend Plays Team Fortress 2 For The First Time, Apologises For Owning

Girls play games. Of course they do! I know many people of the female persuasion who enjoy blasting with a shotgun or tank rushing noobs in C&C 3. They know exactly what they're doing and how to do it.

But what if they don't?

Take tipster Simon Cottee's girlfriend, who was subjected to a rather long session of Valve's Team Fortress 2. I imagine anyone who starts playing Team Fortress 2 without much knowledge of the game, or even games in general, would react in a similar way as Simon's lady. But dudes just aren't as cute or as funny as girls.

So press play and enjoy such classic lines as "How come I can't go through doors?" and "What's the point of being invisible if I can't shoot you?" The best part? When she apologises for killing guys on the opposing team.

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GF TF2 [Youtube, thanks Simon]



    This is awesome. For bonus points, try explaining rocket jumping to the lady friend.

    "Why did that guy just blow himself up??!!"

    Well yeah, there was a bit where people were rocket jumping at the setup and she said 'WHY IS EVERYONE SHOOTING AT THE GROUND!?"

    Awh. Cute :)

    yay more girls :3 lol why do girls always like the medic?

    Only geeks would find this funny....I guess I'm a am a girl too.

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