Gish 2 To Advance Blob Technology By, Like, Light Years

The Unreal Engine may be pioneering Meat Cube Physics technology with the latest updates shown at GDC, but it can't match the authentic 2D blob calculating power of Whatever Is Powering Gish 2. With a staggering 128 (!!!) independent blob particles, we'll soon be experiencing the next generation of gelatinous mound rendering when Gish 2 ships. The best part about this clip is that it informs me that Gish 2 is in development. We're all winners!


    Make the blob more "liquid metal"-like then we can have our own T-1000 to play with.

    Mike Patton's done voices for The Darkness and Bionic Commando. Maybe he's getting in on Gish 2....

    EXCELLENT use of blob technology. Now I'm going to sit back and wait for Blobby Volleyball: Online - the MMO.

    (You KNOW it would be awesome. Don't try to deny it.)

    *Cricket sound*

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