Gradius + Boobs For Xbox 360 Confirmed

Well, looks like Konami's site was right. (Funny how that works!) Konami's Gradius plus boobs side scroller shooter Otomedius is bound for the Xbox 360. Called Otomedius G, there's no release date set as of yet, and we're pretty sure it won't cost US$645,316.71, tax not included. So what we didn't know? The "G" stands for "gorgeous" — a word Japanese folks typically use to describe luxurious things. If you live in Japan and haven't seen Otomedius, you really should. It's a pretty game that uses a touch screen and is packed with important shmup elements like, well, shooting and, um, touch-screen boob touching. Wonder how Konami will work that in on the Xbox 360 version... DS port anyone?
Otomedius G Confirmed [My Game News Flash]


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