Gran Turismo Trying To Catch Hollywood

Hollywood still has the edge. As pretty as those Gran Turismo games are (and they're pretty pretty), they're not as nice looking as CG in movies. Series creator Kazunori Yamauchi is rarin' to change that. He's already thinking of stuff that's not even possible on the PS3. Says Yamauchi:

Real-time computer graphics are about 10 years behind non-real-time computer graphics like you see in movies. I think that gap is what we'll be trying to fill in the years to come.

Well, it was only what, ten years ago that the first GT game went on sale, and Yamauchi is just starting to add car damage? So yeah, that decade gap seems about right. Can't wait to see what he'll add in the next ten years.
Yamauchi Interview [][Pic]


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