Grand Theft Auto IV: Our Review, The Hyperbole, Lots More

In case you stay gaming and Kotaku-free on weekends here's a run down of what you missed yesterday when the Grand Theft Auto IV embargo lifted. Chief among the posts was Mike McWhertor's review of the game, but we also wrote up a comparison of the PS3 and 360 versions, a bit of a rant on the failures of the SIXAXIS and a Q&A loaded FAQ for the curious.

The links are here for your perusal and we plan on running more original coverage this week starting with a look at multiplayer gaming by McMike later today.

Grand Theft Auto IV Review: Life, Liberty City And The Pursuit Of Happiness
SIXAXIS Brings Nothing to GTA IV (But Frustration And Burning Helicopter Chassis)
Which Version Of GTA IV Should You Buy? We Compare The PS3 and 360 Versions
Everything You Wanted To Know About GTA IV
GTA IV Reviews: An Exercise In Hyperbolism


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