GTA IV Box O' Swag

I received a big, flat square box in the mail today packed with Grand Theft Auto IV swag. It included some pretty funny stuff:

A Swingers baseball cap
A Swingers baseball T
Two GTA IV stickers
A foam GTA IV four-finger
A mousepad from in-game cybercafe [email protected]
An I <8LC lapel pin
A N1KO licence plate

Now I just need to figure out if I should give this stuff out on the site or keep it for this year's Funde Razor Child's Play party as a giveaway.

If you're jonseing for GTA content with about two weeks left till the game hits hop over to our round up of impressions and details.


    Hey, you probably don't have that cool gta4 stuff any more, but I would LOVE to have an item if you do and are giving it away! The four finger and license plate sound sick! I desperately try to find anything gta, or rockstar related, but am pretty empty as far as that goes ( mainly cause I'm poor). Thank you for reading this if you did, which you probably didn't, but thank you anyway! Cheers -Steve-o

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