GTA IV Multiplayer Down For PS3 Players

Even if you're particular copy of Grand Theft Auto IV doesn't lock up your PlayStation 3, you may still find it a challenge to experience the online component of the game. Crecente posted earlier today that he was having connection issues, but he's not the only one. We've heard from a number of tipsters that they've been unable to connect to the Gamespy hosted servers, with a quick peek at popular online forums reflecting similar complaints.

We've already contacted SCEA who tells us that they're aware of the issue and "looking into it." Calls to Rockstar Games' support line have so far gone unanswered. We're awaiting response from their public relations team and will update when we hear more. In the meantime, PS3 owners who are experiencing connection issues with GTA IV should let us know in the comments.


    Multiplayer fail! Random crashes get! Inbetween this the game is great! (when I can see it... have got the contrast/brightness cranked right up). Did nobody who reviewed the game notice these issues? Why the salivating 10/10 scores everyone?

    Yeha I have also had huge troubles getting online, as in in the dozen attemps I have not gotten any thing. once I got to a lobby screen then BAM, back out to single player. all the time "connection lost" which is bull because it chucked in COD4 (how I love you) to check and it works. PLUS I was signed in to the PSN the whole time.

    I'm more concerned that the Campaign mode constantly freezing - Returned my copy for a new one, hope this helps although, doubtful. Online is amazing, when you get on.

    Try to load up MP via the mobile phone and get a cannot connect error, try again later. Ps3 version. Oh yeah and the frame rate can get really stinky at times :P

    having problem getting online gta4.not the only

    help...... i got gta4 last night played online with no problem .than around 900 eastern u.s. time. i coundnt it back online. kept saying try again later. please help

    its.... alive, least it is for me.

    Can only agree with @Pax Bisonic, apart from the crashes i had all the issues, can see stuff because brightness/gamma/saturation too low (fine on other games on the same TV), no go at the multiplayer either.

    Oh well, hopefully they'll fix it, but the 10/10 reviews seem to turn out to be a lot more hyperbole than first expected. Nevertheless, fantastic game.

    I too have not been able to play online since yesturday (1pm EST) Keep getting the try again later thing. 80gig PS3.

    It has been working fine for me up until this morning. Now same message 'The connection to one or more players.....' keeps coming up.Online is great fun!!!!

    Hi, I'm having a problem with GTA now too, I can play the main game no problem, and the multiplayer WAS working great too, NOW however everytime I select the multiplayer option from my phone it signs me in then when I go to click Games it freezes, I've tried numerous times, I've even tried waiting for a moment THEN pressing but it freezes before I press, any ideas?
    I started a new game as i've used cheats in this one but it still doesn't work unfortunately, should I remove my game data?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, i've been searching around forums and it seems no one else has this issue from what i've seen

    yeh also experiencing multiplayer random freezes. rest of the game is excellent and ps3 is great for surfing the web. im using me ps3 to enter this comment.

    Can you even play ranked games cos atm i cant. i want some rankings. i get to play online most of the time. where or how can u play ranked matches. ha.

    samr thing to go sometimes in the lobby but bamm then again in single player mode....suck real bad

    i got the message while in the lobby of a created game all the time:

    "lost connection to one of the players. returning to single player"

    That sux, happends all the time.. after the update. Any tips?

    Online looks fun. I have had the game for about 2 weeks now and was able to play online for maybe a combined time of about 5 minutes after wasting about 500 minutes trying to connect. They better fix it quick or I don't think anyone will be looking for a GTA 5---at least I won't. Until then, I will be looking for other ways to burn $60.

    it might be model because 80 gig freezes , 40 gig doesnt till update

    The online is hopeless. Rockstar for god sack fix it already. Dont just take our money and leave us with this gimp online version...shame on you!!! Its especially annoying when I only play online . I spend average about 1 hour trying to get a game. It always looses the connection. I dont have this sort of time to waste everytime I want to have a quick game. Also add a search filter in so auto aim and non-auto aimers can find each other.

    gta wont let me play online it keeps saying you profile is not permitted to play online

    well, i easily get into the play but experience lag often.

    ughh mine is down too.

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