GTA IV Multiplayer: Just the Facts Please

I posted a rather lengthy (too lengthy) write-up of my impressions of Grand Theft Auto IV's multiplayer gaming earlier today. If you're not up for reading through the whole thing, and getting some samples of what the play was like and whether I liked it, you can just hit the jump and read the fact sheet for the modes I played through. Think of it as a GTA multiplayer crib sheet.

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    Apparently in the Australian version they've taken out the Multiplayer death match and replaced it with Multiplater cupcake creator... sound fun AND delicious!

    As much as I winced at the possibility that what you say is true IAMWITHDRAWN, I actually wonder what the deal is with Australian Multiplayer at the moment.

    EA region locked Army of Two and one of the reasons they cited was that in certain asian countries you aren't allowed to shoot dead bodies so it was easier to just do the region lock.

    What does that mean for our dumbed down version of GTA IV, will we be able to play internationally still? Admittedly normally I would avoid playing with someone in the US because of lag but what about New Zealanders, in the past they have gotten GTA games with less of the content removed as they aren't a bunch of morons with no R18+ rating, will we be able to play with them?

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