GTA IV Preorders: PS3 Outselling 360 (In Australia)

Let's put two and two together. Australia, despite its geographic isolation, is normally considered a European territory when it comes to games (thanks, PAL video standard). Europe is the PlayStation brand's #1 fan. So it shouldn't surprise you as much as it probably will that EB Games, by far Australia's biggest games retailer, have said this re GTA IV preorders:

We are happy to tell you it's neck and neck, but at the moment, PlayStation 3 is currently in the lead.

Second-string retailer GameTraders are also reporting more PS3 sales, saying that they're pre-selling two copies on PS3 for every one on 360. What's this mean for overall, global sales? Probably nothing! What's it mean for Australia? Something.
PS3 GTA IV presales outpace 360 version down under [GameSpot AU]


    It means all the PS3 owners who think it makes sense to spend $1,000 on a console that doesn't even come with the cables you need to use it properly are happy to pay the inflated $120 Australian RRP, while 360 owners who expect value for money and like their games uncut and importing copies from over-seas for half the price. :)

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