GTA IV Rumoured Intro: Real or Fake?

Alright, well, this had me last night, but now I am not so sure. And while I was dithering over whether the video here is in fact real, or a fake, I missed out on an actual leak of an actual trailer for the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars. And it was taken down from YouTube before I could save the video.

But this has been up for a solid two days, Rockstar hasn't demanded it be taken down (could they? I dunno) and the comments on its YouTube page point out a zillion problems with it. But what do they know? It is time for Kotakopolis to pass judgment: Is this real or is this fake? You make the call! Vote after the jump.

Arguments Pro:
It's got a case!
Immigrant's Guide to Liberty City

Arguments Con:
Convenient transition right as 360 boots
Gameplay or it's fake
Music sucks
Rockstar hasn't bothered to get YouTube to take it down

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    What is the song in the intro?

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