GTA IV Special Edition In The Wild, Gets Unboxed Down Under

Grand Theft Auto IV is out in just one week, meaning we should soon be flooded with real-life camera phone snaps of the game arriving in stores, including finally getting a look at the special edition packaging. Oh wait! That just happened, as Australian retail employees have gone hog wild in the stock room, getting their mitts on the PlayStation 3 version of the special edition box set, exposing its innards for all of the internet to see.

The longbox version of GTA IV, you may recall, comes with a fancy metal safety deposit box, The Art of Grand Theft Auto IV hardbound book, a selection of music tracks and limited embossed cover art. Shots of the GTA goodness have been uploaded to web servers for posterity. Will I be forced to drop $90 on a game I will already own come next Tuesday? Yup!

GTA IV Special Edition arrives in stores [GTA Gaming]


    that is sooo an eb store room lol

    haha further looking into it the crate on the right has 3 for $50 stickers that are EB stickers haha LOL

    will be getting my GTA IV 2moro LOL

    This was a rip off. They told me it would be $119 for the LE GTA IV, now I had to pay an extra $30 on top of that. Oh well.

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