GTA Will "Knock Me Out And Take My Gold Jesus Cross"

Jonathan Lee Riches is a prisoner at a Williamsburg County federal corrections centre. Jonathan Lee Riches is also nuttier than a bag full of crushed nuts. The 31 year-old partly blames GTA for his stint in the slammer, and has filed a restraining order against Take-Two, Rockstar and, best of all, Grand Theft Auto itself. Why? He says "Defendants put me in prison. I face imminent danger from violent inmates who played Grand Theft Auto who will knock me out and take my gold Jesus cross". Brilliant. I say only "partly", however, because this is the same guy who last year filed suits against Barry Bonds, MLB commissioner Bud Selig and...Hank Aaron's bat, hoping to nab himself "42,000,000 million dollars in Swiss Francs". He also sued disgraced footballer Michael Vick for "63,000,000,000 billion dollars". So, so, so nutty.
Inmate Files Restraining Order Against GTA [Next-Gen]
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