Guitar Hero Aerosmith US Preorder Goodies

Are you as excited about Guitar Hero: Aerosmith as I am? Then you'll probably want to skip this article. Those genuinely excited can stick around and read about the spiffy preorder deal going on at US retail outlets. Preordering Guitar Hero: Aerosmith entitles you to a special, limited edition bundle of the game, featuring the game itself, and Aerosmith tour book, the guitar, and an exclusive Aerosmith faceplate for said guitar. The bundle will sell for $US 99 for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii, $US 89 for wireless PS2, or $US 109 for the special PS2 bundle with two wired controllers. Perfect for those of you who were holding off on buying Guitar Hero until a nearly-all Aerosmith version came out.


    But the question is, will we in Au be getting this?

    I only ask because ~100 bucks for a second guitar and a few more songs works for me *shrug*

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