Guitar Hero IV To Feature A Slew Of Instruments

Conde Nast Portfolio magazine isn't generally our number one source for gaming news, but Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has told the publication that Guitar Hero IV will...well...we'll just let him say it.

It's not just about guitars. We'll include a lot of other instruments, vocals. It will help us expand internationally. It's the first game we've had in which we can use local content and local bands.

Ooh! I vote on guitar, bass, drums, Giant Axe Body Spray Bottle and vocals. Though I also wouldn't scoff at a rebreakable guitar, implemented for extra Star Power. In all seriousness, the "local bands" idea is intriguing. I wonder how far they'll actually flesh that one out.

Guitar Hero IV Branching Out [IGN via Maxconsole] [image]


    Hopefully, and almost certainly, they won't cock up the international release, and people in Europe, Australia, and other places will be able to play with more than one instrument. Hopefully they can devote enough resources to this to get it done quickly and with quality. I feel this will be very much a one or the other scenario: People will either have Rock Band, or they'll have 'Guitar' Hero 4. Noone'll want to buy and keep 2 sets of instruments. (Unless, of course, the instruments are cross compatible.)

    I see this all as a *good* thing. It means competition for Rock Band, and we all know it needs some of that ASAP. Plus, extending the GH idea to bass and vocals is not copying, it's obvious; it's the implementation that matters.

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