Hands on With GTA Multiplayer: City of Chaos

A couple of months ago, before I had a chance to play GTA IV, I got into a discussion with an industry insider about Rockstar, and in particular, the Grand Theft Auto franchise. We were talking about whether the polarising series, much beloved by gamers and reviled by non-gamers, had jumped the shark.

Would this be the last GTA, I wondered. The insider was quick to say no, even after I pointed out that I had watched a chunk of the single-player campaign, which impressed me, but didn't seem to include any giant leaps forward for the franchise.

"Did you see multiplayer?"


"Just wait."


    I read your later post before this one and I have to disagree, its not long enough!

    I could read little stories of GTA multiplayer experiences all day. I'm physically drooling with expectation about this title.

    this is good

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