Hands On With Super Famicom Wii Controller

Sure you've seen SOME DUDE's unboxing, but you haven't seen my Club Nintendo Wii Super Famicom/SNES Controller. Well, here it is. Look at it! It feels like, are you ready, a Super Famicom Controller! Played a couple titles with it last night, and really, this made me realise how much I dug this controller. It just might be my favourite controller. What's yours?

Oh, hit the jump for the exciting backside of the Wii SNES pad.


    Hi ! I have two questions about this item, if you could answer them, that would be great and a big thank you to you! My questions are #1 Can you use this accessory on an American Wii? or does it have to be the Japanese One. #2 is can you use this controller for super smash bros. brawl? if so that would be so cool! anyway you seem like the type of person who would be able to answer my question! respond soon and thanks!

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