Harmonix: We're Not Trying To Screw You, Europe

With the announcement from EA that Rock Band's European release would arrive in the continent on May 23 came the inevitable bad pricing news. At an impressive 240 Euro (or £180) for the full package, the Being European Tax was like a swift guitar smashing square in the bollocks. (Am I doing it right?)

Rob Kay of Hamonix feels your pain, defending the price at the Rock Band press conference, reports VideoGamer.com. Kay points to VAT, nearly 18% of the price alone, plus "a myriad of these little differences that all add up."

"We're not trying to screw people," he added, hoping that the kids can get past their sticker shock and European privilege to enjoy Rock Band. See if you can find any comfort in the extended explanation.

Rock Band dev: "We're not trying to screw people" [VideoGamer.com]


    You absolutely have got to be joking. Who do they expect to actually buy it? The Queen?

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