High Probability Of Fallout 3 DLC

videogaming247 spoke to Bethesda's marketing head Pete Hines in London this morning during a demo of the painfully anticipated Fallout 3, asking him about the possibility of downloadable content for the title, apparently forgetting that this is the company that brought us Horse Armour.

"Given how successful it was for us on Oblivion, certainly it's a given that we'll look into it and what we'd like to do," he said, talking of extra content for the anticipated post-apocalyptic RPG. "But I can't tell you when, I can't tell you what it would be, or what it would look like. Will it be bigger stuff like Knights of the Nine or smaller stuff? We've no idea. We'll let folks know once we get down the road."

Here's a tip, Pete! Free downloadable Dogmeat armour. We'll never bring up the whole horse thing again, we promise.
Fallout 3 DLC: "It's a given that we'll look into it" says Bethesda [videogaming247]


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