Homemade Xbox 360 Arcade Controller Rocks Various Socks

Lovingly crafted in oak, this homemade arcade-style Xbox 360 controller is a thing of....well, parts are beautiful, parts are a bit ugly. But it's a pretty fantastic mod either way. High quality Seimitsu "Skeleton buttons" and a Sanwa Joystick replace your stock controls of yore, glowing with the unrestrained eco power of LEDs, begging you to finally, legitimately beat Ikaruga. Or maybe to finally pull down your Christmas lights. During the day, the oak honestly clashes a bit. But at night...

2329393913_34d1517de0.jpgAt night, everything is right. (Yeah, that was incredibly lame, and it quoted a movie that I cannot recall. But it rhymed, it's nearing the end of the month and I'm way behind on my quota.)

Xbox 360 Classic Led
[flickr via MAKE and Technabob]


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