Hooray! Kotaku Purchases GameCakes.Com

Hooray! Kotaku Purchases GameCakes.Com

It’s a wonderful day in the history of video game cakes! Back at GDC 07 when I first approached Crecente about my idea for an all video game cake website, he told me that it was a great concept, and that it was destined for great things. Now, a year and a month later, GameCakes.com proudly becomes a wholly-owned member of the loving Kotaku family. I’m so excited! I never thought when I first started the website that things would skyrocket like they did.

From here on out, GameCakes’ unique coverage of all things interactively epicurious well be bolstered by Kotaku’s in-depth, up to date coverage of the video game cake scene, backed by their industry clout and trademark wit and charm.

Rejoice, for a new age of gaming cakes is upon us!

Crap, Kotaku Purchases GameCakes.com [GameCakes.Com]

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