How Are You Preparing for GTA IV's Arrival?

Grand Theft Auto IV has been on pre-order in my Amazon account ever since I got laid off last May and bought a lot of crap with my severance. The original release date was, what, October? At that time I thought I'd still be looking for work, and GTA is one of the great unemployed game franchises of all time. But fortunately (or not, if you have really distorted priorities) I have a job now.

So, I'm seriously considering taking a day off of work April 29, or whenever it gets here. I made an ultra-quick decision on a new apartment just so I could be fully moved in by the time it arrives. Ordinarily, I never leave a forwarding address, just to give bill collectors the slip. I will this time just in case it gets sent to my old address after I leave. And there are other little subtle things going on that, at root, are preparations for the arrival of this mammoth game.

I'm not a father and I'm about a thousand miles from even enjoying the essential act of that, lately. But it's rather like a young couple welcoming baby into their home. Except baby packs combat shotguns, rocket propelled grenades, brass knuckles, etc.

So what are you doing to prepare for Grand Theft Auto IV? Flaked on family plans? Ditching work? Are you revisiting earlier titles? Finishing up any side missions to get to 100 percent? Revisiting any street races? (That reminds me, I still haven't played "Beat the Cock" in San Andreas ...) Let us know in the comments.


    I've actually scheduled to have my wisdom teeth surgically removed, a procedure that requires a week recovery, a day before it's released. It gives me the perfect excuse to miss work and shun social events for a whole week of GTA goodness!

    I quit my job a week ago and dont plan on looking for a new one till i get bord of gra 4, also because of the aussie edited thing i have the special edition on pre at eb as well as a us edition from play asia. Just got my 40 inch 1080p tv as well!
    April 30th is my sisters birthday, but im looking forward to that, after 24 hours of gta a night out should be good.

    Pre-order GTA IV Collector's Edition
    Done June '07.

    Organise launch week off and have my wife take the week off too to take care of our son while I'm distracted.

    Play though GTA III again.
    Completed last week.

    Play through Vice City again.
    Completed last weekend. God I love Tommy.

    Play through San Andreas again.
    *shudder* Got up to the DDR beach party and threw in the towel. Why the fuck is a 'gangsta' trying to dance to coerce someone? Tommy would have just shot out the DJ's tyres and stolen her turntable rig.

    Find out of EB's are doing a midnight launch or not.
    They're waiting for approval, but they did one for Halo3 so, it's as good as confirmed.

    Get ready to play the full GTA IV at 12:06 am on the 29th!
    Dammit. We got gimped.

    Order GTA IV from New Zealand, trade in the gimped version a.s.a.p.

    Ok. Ready. What? Two more weeks?


    Been playing Saints Row to get my pre-GTAIV fix. I've taken the entire week after the 29th off work. It sounds crazy, but I'm in need of some serious downtime, and I couldn't think of a better way that doesn't involve getting off my arse.

    Yeah, the second i put it on pre-order, was overcome and played Saints Row til the carpal tunnel forced me to stop. Been playin GTA:SA, but it is kinda... well, yeah, Tommy ftw.

    Also planned to crash at my m8s on the 28th cos he lives in the city, so if EB throws a mid launch, i'll be right there. Then spend the 29th in front of the TV!!!

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