How The French Conned Uwe Boll Into Metal Gear

Poor Uwe Boll! Not only does he make bad movies, but people hate him for making bad movies. A while back, the internet swirled with news that Uwe was trying to make a Metal Gear movie without Konami's permission. According to the director, things didn't go down like that. Boll was conned by two French con-artists.

This was an absurd story... Two French guys wrote a script, said they are from Konami hired to write the script, said 'You wanna direct it?' I read the script, I liked the script. I said, 'Yes, I can do it.' ...I read on the internet Konami said they had nothing to do with me, they had nothing to do with the movie. So it turned totally against me in the press.

Fascinating. See, now that absurd story sounds like a pretty great movie. Boll's got it all wrong! Don't make movies about games, make moves about Uwe Boll.
Boll Gets Conned [MTV Movies Blog Multiplayer]


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