Hudson Doing Well With Wii

 Hudson is coming back in a big way, and it's got one thing to thank: Nintendo hardware. Hudson profits have increased fourfold thanks to concentrating on the Nintendo Wii and the Wii's Virtual Console. Says incoming Hudson president Michihiro Ishizuka:

Two years from now will be the time when game-software developers' profits are expected to grow the most, after the winner and loser for consoles becomes clear. I will ensure earnings jump in the next three years by promoting licensing of our games and increasing spending on promotions.

Guess someone besides Nintendo is making money off the Wii. Hudson, for instance.
Hudson Doing Well Wii Wise [Bloomberg]


    I think Hudson has the potential to make even more money off the Wii - after playing Mario Party 8, I lost a little faith in them - but after playing Mario Party DS, I realise they've still got it in them to make killer party games. So here's to Hudson's next great game, which hopefully will outdo all their others.

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