"I Hate Video Games"

No point in pussy footing around. Let's dive in. Writes Times guest contributor and book author Giles Whittell:

I hate video games, on or offline. I hate the way they suck real people into fake worlds and hold on to them for decades at a time. I hate being made to feel hateful for saying so, and I hate being told to immerse myself in them before passing judgement, because it feels like being told to immerse myself in smack and teenage pregnancy before passing judgement on them.

More out of touch pointless ranting from Whittell's piehole after the jump!

This is not because of anything wrong or bad about video games or heroin or teenage parents. It's not even because of game-induced homicide or web-grooming of little girls by perverts - serious problems, but statistically low-risk. It's because, compared with everything else on offer in a kid's life, video games and heroin and teenage pregnancy are a colossal waste of time.

Video game and heroin and teenage pregnancy? Either Nintendo, some junkie or a pregnant teen killed his dog. We're not sure. Maybe all of them. Together, even!

I'll Never Buy One [Times via videogaming247]


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