IGN Watermark in Okami Cover Art

For a game that rides on artistic chops as much as Okami, this is a pretty bad F-up. Several of you mentioned that there is an IGN watermark on the box art picture. More or less, the background under the wolf was formed by a hi-res shot lifted from IGN's site.

Several readers tipped us, including Riven, who supplied images from NeoGAF. And Crecente just emailed to say, yup, it's on his box, too. Pictures after the jump.

I'm wondering if the designer Capcom hired couldn't get the hi-res originals from his own client, and googled them off of IGN? No idea, but this is some real stank on Capcom, at least for insiders.

Here is the cover. The IGN watermark is next to the dog's mouth. You have to squint.

Here's a blowup pointing it out.

And here is the picture apparently used to create the background.

IGN Watermarks discussion [NeoGAF]


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