Readies Rokkitball

GarageGames' labour of love, browser based action game portal ads another title to their arsenal tomorrow with the introduction of Rokkitball. Rokkitball is a futuristic, team-based game that weaves together action and strategy to form a very compelling concept in browser-based gaming.

Rokkitball brings a new level of multiplayer gaming to InstantAction, combining the frantic pace of a shooter with the team strategy of a real-world sport," said Alex Swanson, Rokkitball Producer and Designer. "We plan to provide an on-going flow of new content to players through InstantAction, with several additional stadiums and enhanced team customisation options already in the works."

While we won't know much more until we actually get to play the game, there will be a live chat with developer Alex Swanson tomorrow at 3PM Pacific, the same time the game goes live, where he will be discussing the creation of Rokkitball and all that entails. For now, check out our exclusive screens from the new title, and head over to for more web-based multiplayer goodness.



    Thanks for covering Rokkitball. People are going cuckoo bananas for it. I think it's going to give Legions a run for its money.

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