Interview With Blueberry Garden's Erik Svedäng

A few weeks back, we mentioned a a funky little indie-in-production called Blueberry Garden; now the nice people at the Swedish Game Awards have let us know they've put up a short and sweet interview with Erik Svedäng about the game. There's not a ton of new information, but I'm getting a slightly better feel for what Blueberry Garden may be all about, and also growing more intrigued:

Some of my favourite games are Shadow of the Colossus, Starcraft, Go (the board game), Worms and Super Mario Bros 3. I think you can see influences from most of those games in Blueberry Garden. I also have to mention Nifflas and his games Within a Deep Forest and Knytt, they really helped me gather the courage to do something where exploration and mood is more important than a well defined goal. The game is influenced by a lot of other things too... like music (Sagor & Swing, Detektivbyrån, among others) and the Swedish outdoors.

So if your interest was piqued by the trailer, go check out what the creator has to say about the game. I'm looking forward to taking it for a spin someday.

Blueberry Garden Spotlight [Swedish Game Awards]


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