Interview With Kian Bashiri (You Have To Burn The Rope)

We posted about the satirical You Have To Burn The Rope a few weeks ago; it's come up again in my reading this week, since I noticed the guys at Hardcasual used it as a launching point to grouse about the state of game journalism, then apologized after some other people like the guys at Rock, Paper, Shotgun offered a response. In any case, with all the talk about satire! And game journalism! And the meaning of the game!, it was nice to read the IndieGames interview with the creator, 21 year old Kian Bashiri, and his explanation of the game that is entirely unfettered with pretentiousness:

Well, it is a joke. And I don't want to say too much about it, because dissecting a joke always makes it unfunny. Part of it is this really silly idea, and part of it is this statement about how games are too hard and complicated. It's also a subtle reference to how some games are kind of patronizing toward the player, like too easy.

But I never set out to make it this way, it kind of turned into this with time. It started out as an attempt to make a game that spoiled the whole experience for you before you played it. Funnily enough, people really don't read instructions...

It's a nice little interview that touches on a lot of stuff (and no whining about the state of game blogs!).

Kian Bashiri (You Have To Burn The Rope) [IndieGames]


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