Iron Man Unlockable Outfits

I doubt many superheroes have had nearly as many costume changes as Iron Man has over the years, and Sega recognises this fact by including several unlockable classic armors in the game. You've got your classic red and gold, the dull metal prototype version Stark crafted while in captivity, Hulkbuster armour, and even the Extremis suit, which a techno-virus infected Tony could keep inside the hollows of his bones.The extra armors are both a gift and a curse, however, to someone owning both an Xbox 360 and a PlayStation 3, as each platform is getting an exclusive. The 360 gets the Silver Centurion suit worn during the first Armour Wars, while PS3 buyers get the high-maintenance Ultimate Iron Man outfit. Right now I am leaning towards the 360 version, though I am sure once I hit the store I will break down into a tiny puddle of indecisiveness.

Iron Man Game to Feature New + Classic Suits [Comic Book Resource - Thanks Dana!]


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