Jackie Chan Kind Of Invented Wii Fit

We blame our under indulgence in late night foreign infomercials, but still, how did we all miss the Jackie Chan J-Mat Fitness? Released back in 2005—two years before the world exploded over Wii Fit—the J-Mat featured four buttons that allowed users to follow along Chan's aerobics routine while software tracked fitness over time. It was fairly expensive, costing $US 90 and requiring a $US 80 XaviXPORT console to operate. And, of course, Nintendo didn't package it with the Wii global phenomenon.

Thanks to YouTube, we even have a clip of the product in action:

Oh, but before all the fanboys freak out, we just wanted to clarify that we realise Jackie Chan didn't really invent Wii Fit's Balance Board. That honour goes to Amiga.

Jackie Chan's take on Wii Fit


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